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How to Get Rid of Baby Acne

Baby acne is a rash that looks like red pimples on the child's face. The child's skin would appear red and rough. Usually, this occurs during the first few weeks from the child's birth up until he/she is six months old. This type of acne is usually triggered by the mother's hormones before the child is born. This acne goes away on its own but if you want to have it treated, here are a few steps on how to get rid of it.
Take Medication
Baby acne can be treated with benzoyl peroxide or tropical tretinoin. Just apply moderately on the rashes. Do not over apply the medication. Remember that everything that is excessive is bad. Instead of curing baby acne, it may excessive medication may even lead to other complications.
Gentle Cleaning
Keep the baby clean to prevent the acne from worsening. When giving the child a bath, gently cleanse him/her. Use soaps that are gentle to the skin of the baby. Do not put moisturizers and other kinds of lotions on the rash for it may result to the worsening of the acne. Vigorous washing may worsen the condition of the child so be sure to have a gentle loving hand when handling the baby.
Seek help from the pediatricians
Since pediatricians spent their whole life studying about infant's sicknesses and conditions, they are the ones who know best about such conditions. They can give you tips on how to take care of the child and give medications that will cure baby acne quick.
Just Be Patient
Acne usually goes away on its own so why worry? Let the natural course of nature have its way. Just take care of your child the way he/she should be taken care of. It may take a few months before the baby acne subsides but it's natural so it's still the best way.
Over time, you're going to find that it will go away, so there's no need to worry, as you will find that it is rather harmless. Again, if it gets worse, the only thing that you can do most of the time is consult with a professional doctor to see what he/she may recommend. Don't fret! You will find that this is rather common for many babies out there. Don't feel as if you're the only one that has this problem, because you're not.
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